What should I do on the date with my ex girlfriend (baby's mom)?

My babys mom and i broke up a couple weeks ago.I told her how I sincerely felt about it. We made a bet that if I win I get to take her on a date and if she wins I buy her something. So I won the bet. I have a date with her tomorrow night. I am wondering what I should do with her? Should I kiss her? I was thinking taking her to a really nice dinner then going to view some view points and then maybe go have some drinks on the beach. How would I make a move on her to kiss her and would that be a good date? Should I take her to a movie as well?


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  • wow, why did you break up in the first place? I say don't kiss her but make her want you as much as you can. tease her flirt with her.. drive her crazy. make her wish she never turned her back on you. once the night is over tell her you had a good time and see if she wants to do it again.. take things slow.. don't rush it you don't want what happened last time to happen this time too.

    • The reason she left is because I was an over controlling prick which I totally understand,

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    • ya but don't over do it get her something small and sweet. not overly dramatic like a dozen roses. remember you're collecting on a bet no proposing. you want her to be interested and wanting to go out with you again.. smothering her will not work.

    • so what should I get her

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  • Aren't you supposed to scrutinize over date plans *before* you get the girl pregnant and break up?

    • we dated for 3 years..

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    • how do I woo her and open up to her?

    • what crowstew said…open up doors for her, be polite, etc. Open up to her by telling her why you wanted to go on a date with her again after breaking up

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