How long should I wait until I go looking again?

My boyfriend of four months hasn't talked/texted me for about a week and a half. At all. I was up front with him in the beginning, that I wasn't into sex before I was married. He said he understood & respected that, yet tried multiple times throughout the relationship to "do the dirty." I tried talking to him about it, but didn't know what to say or how to say it because I felt like I already did.

I hate that I'm going to miss his family waaaay more than him. I'm an only child & he had 4 other siblings, 3 older, 1 younger, plus future sib-in-laws that I became close to. I'm going to miss them so much! :(

What can I do to distract myself & stay positive? How long should I wait until I go on an online dating website again? If ever? That's where I met my now ex.


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  • Online dating sucks, but if you feel like doing it again go ahead, there's no time limit. It's not like you're out of a serious relationship, four months is pretty short.

    I would suggest that you go out and do real activities with real people.


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  • Online guys mostly are full of it. I have heard many horror stories of creeps online, so although I'd love to meet someone that way, I know it's not worth the bother and we're better off meeting new people in person.


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  • well there's your problem, your looking for a relationship online, your most likely not going to find a quality guy on a dating site. Well not while your young anyway, at this age your better off looking at people around you, socialize and soon enough you'll find someone else you feel that your into and when you do ask them out.

  • wait until your heart is healed, and find other places.


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