How serious is she with the new guy?

This girl that i loved and hurt me is seeing someone else. (saw them unvoluntarily)
Thing is, all her love posts, songs, break-up quotes, so on... are still on her Facebook.

What is this? What is going on?


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  • She's just enjoying her new relationship and not paying attention to FB

    • I bumped into her on the street one day and she took to Facebook to post something related to me (regretful stuff). I now realized she was already seeing that guy when we bumped in the street.

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    • she was the one that hurt me, after that she never had the guts to talk to me face to face. She kept posting useless stuff on her Facebook. I kind of doubt i wanna reach out in these conditions for her to hurt me and leave me hanging again

    • and another weird thing. She once posted a pic with a guy on her FB. i didn't pay much attention. That same day she took that pic off, and posted a cropped pic where the guy is no more. And if i remember corectly it was this guy i saw her with.
      Why crop him out?

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