Should i tell her i'd feel better if she'd move out?

I had a bad experience with a girl. Hurt me really bad. Entered in No Contact to try and get over. She moved across the street (rented i think). So bye-bye No Contact. And it hurts like hell.

I was thinking i should ask her to move out. Would that be ok? I need space. (i lived my whole life here so, NO i'm not going to move out)


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  • If you're not going to move out then you should just deal with it since you have no right to ask her to move out. It's not like she's walking through the same door everyday. :)

    • i have no idea what "same door" meant :). Thing is i look out the window and she's there. I can't handle it.
      I'd politely tell her i don't feel comfortable and would appreciate it if she decided to change her residence :)

    • I mean it's not like she's flatting with you. I don't think there is a polite way to tell her to move out because you're the one who can't handle it and yet you don't want to move out. If she's having problems with it as well then I understand her moving out since you were on the street first but she's not so you'll be the arse making her deal with your problems. :)

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  • If it's a problem for you then you need to move, you cannot expect her to move. She is clearly over you so she will not understand how you feel and even is she does she will not move. You have to deal with it and try to get over her, yes it will be 465256 times harder now that she is close to you, but you have to try.

  • She moved out, and you have no right to ask her to move lmao no way. If you have the issue, YOU move.

    • wait, I think there's some misunderstanding. We were NOT living together as a couple. A while after i turned to no contact she moved across the street from where i live. I lived here my whole life.

    • Maybe she had no choice? My brother is looking for a new place to live and he's not finding anything in the areas he wants, so he's going to have to take anything anywhere just to get it done. I know it's not ideal to have her there but I would just overlook it.

    • she already had a place. Now she's renting this one. What for? The other area was better. She should have stayed the hell there.
      It's killing me as now i've seen her with another guy. She's completely destroying and stomping me and every single thing i have. I cut her off and avoided the group to get over, and now she's here, across the street. It's terrible.
      It's seriously hurting me. I don't want to see her.
      Overlooking? Thank god for strong mental health and therapists, cause that could have ended bad. It's a crazy story

  • You can't tell her to do anything, and I wouldn't. She won't leave anyway.


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