Why would your ex boyfriend delete you from Facebook even though all his other ex girl friends are still his friends?

I was in a very serious relationship with this guy. He said he loved me and it really showed. He used to care a lot about me, come to meet me every night at my hostel just to talk to me and see me and it was very romantic and I thought what we had was true love! He was everything I had ever wished for and he said I too was the same.. He was very loving, patient and caring and It was hard to believe that anything would go wrong im our relationship. Then, one day his parents got to know about us. They didn't want him to be with me as we were from different religious communities and background. Him being from the high upper class elite and me from the middle class. He said he fought with his parents initially but then his dad cried in front of him and he couldnt take it because he had never seen his dad like that. Also, his dad's a heart patient and he was worried. about his health. He loves his dad a lot and promised him that he wouldn't see me again. He then broke up with me over a text saying he couldnt call me and he was breaking off. I was devastated because I really loved him a lot. Then, he deleted me from his Facebook account. He has all his other girlfriends still on his list but he deleted me. I am just so heartbroken. I can't believe it that he would hate me so much. I love him a lot. Its been 8 months since he broke up and I still havnt been able to get over him and start afresh. I still cry over him and what hurts more is that It feels like as if he doesn't care. He was the the one who made me fall in love with him and asked me out, even though initially I was reluctant to be with him, I was floored by his good nature and mannerisms. Guys, I trust him more than I trust myself but, is he giving me a genuine reason. Would you do the same, had you been at his place? Would you too delet your ex?


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  • I think you need to STOP putting him on a pedestal. You trust him more than you trust yourself? Girl please. Stop that.

    So he broke up with you because of his parents. If he can let you go because of THEM, then he is NOT for you. If he is focusing on class issues? He is NOT for you.

    Exes delete each other off of social media ALL of the time. Comparing yourself to his other exes is a waste of time, and will only cause you to continue being hurt about the situation. Maybe he is embarrassed and ashamed about his decision to drop you. Maybe its just easier for him to not see you at all...even on his FB page. I'm only speculating here but its possible. I know you cared about him but there will be other AMAZING guys who will respect you, care for you, be kind to you... Who also won't kick you to the curb for superficial reasons. Good luck.

    • Yes, I did trust him more than I trusted myself because he knew me inside out and sometimes he could predict me so easily and accurately that it felt like he was reading my mind! I trusted him a lot.
      And no, you got it all wrong. He never cared about my background. Its his parents..
      He's the only son. He has responsibilities and I would never expect him to chose me over his family. I would never want that.
      Its just a conflict that I'm having right now...
      I don't know what to do. I am a mess... :(

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