Today I bought my ex girlfriend flowers because she said that she was sick. I think it went smooth but what do i do now?

Ok me and my ex split a couple weeks ago. she's also my baby's mom. what do i do now? She told me that a flashback happened of when I first bought her roses. I really love this girl I would die for her. I always compliment her and tell her how beautiful she is.


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  • well depending on the circumstances id try to squeeze your way back into her life! im sure she still has feelings for you but i guess youd just have to talk to her about it.

    • The cirumstances are we have been hangin out lots. she told me she's kind of on the fence one part of her wants to get back together and the other wants to move on

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    • My buddy who has never mether thinks he coukd help by talking to her should i let him

    • you can let him talk to her but only after you talk to her. its better that she hears it from you first

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  • Buy her bigger and better flowers, make her feel like a princess !


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