We are both cheating but she doesn't want to leave her relationship?

I've been dating this girl for six momths yet I am having sex with an ex. The only girl I had sex with. She is dating someone new for three months yet she continues to want me. I know she is not having sex with anyone else. We talk about our relationship a lot and I told her I'm willing to give her another shot if she leaved him. She's not leaving him and she just says when the times right I don't want to kill him. What does that mean? The sex has filled in that missing gap we had in our relationship. We lost that and became too comfortable.


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  • You shouldn't get your hopes too high. People who cheats often never break up with their actual partner and even if she does it, she might cheat on you (and you might cheat on her).
    Right now, it's probably the fact that what you're doing is "forbidden". It's the thrill of the game that makes it good with your ex.


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