How to get over a break up? Tips?

My boyfriend broke up with me about 6 weeks ago. I'm not in denial anymore and I don't want him back. It just still hurts.
How do I get over the break up and the pain? Tips?


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  • Visit some place calm. Try to dwell in some kind of a hobby. Punch the wall with boxing gloves to release your anger or frustration. You could do what you love to do. Draw, jump, run, dance, skate, skip and eat healthy.

    Or you could just let your emotions out by crying. Keep crying until you feel like you have become stronger and you could now move on without any past scars haunting you.


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  • Try to keep yourself busy with things you enjoy. Even if it is hard, force yourself. This will help but the only thing that really works is time. You will feel like you again, I promise.


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