Ladies, how do you feel about rebounds?

First of all do you practice "rebound activities" ?

If YES: you tell me you had 4 failed relationships, should i read between the lines and think there were also 4 rebound guys?
Do rebound guys turn into something serious or not?


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  • If you rebound once it doesn't necessarily mean you will always rebound. I've been in a few relationships and I've rebounded one of the times. At first it was just for fun, I liked how he talked to me and he made me feel good about myself but it actually turned out being serious...not to say that rebounds always turn out seriously. More often than not they don't but I'm not so sure I would have thought to date the guy I am dating right now had my heart not been broken by the other guy... So from my perspective, rebounds could turn out seriously but they may also just be a fling. But the only way a rebound can be made serious is if the person has completely gotten over their ex and is not just rebounding for revenge etc...


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  • I have never tried it and I probably never will. I cannot start a new relationship if I still am not over my ex, because I just feel guilty for not being into the new relationship 100%.


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