My mum thinks I'm a cheater. I'm not and I'm hurt that she thinks that. What should I say to her?

So I've been with my boyfriend for almost 5 months now. Obviously before we got together we were talking regularly etc. but about a month before we did get together I went to a party and drunkenly kissed someone else. He knows about it and we joke about it but my mum thinks that it happened while we were together and that I cheated on him. This really hurts me as I myself was cheated on in a previous relationship and understand how disgusting it is. What should I say to my mother? I am really hurt that she would think that of me as I am not the sort of person to even consider cheating.


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  • Your thinks your something else but cheater is the nicer name for it haha

    • For your information I've only ever kissed 3 guys, two of which I was/am in a relationship and one was that drunken mistake. Do your research before you make insulting accusations before you make yourself look like an arsehole again!

    • How would i do my research... Thats just stupid and i dont care how i sound and its not me who needs to be convinced your with lots of guys

  • You are kind of a cheater for doing that

  • It doesn't matter how many or few guys you have kissed. She is basically calling you a slut. I don't know what kinds of problems you are having with your mom. Maybe your mom is just overly conservative, or is afraid you might make the same mistakes she made in the past, or any other number of issues she might have, but she is seems to be overly concerned about this. I think this is more about her issues than about what you may or may not have done.


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