So ex bestfriend/crush is back in my life?

So this guy was my bestfriend ever. We did everything together until a year ago their was a huge change and he suggested we stop talking. A week ago he text me saying he was sorry about how he acted (he went off to school and he said his ego got in the way of seeing how I was really his best friend) and how he still loved me. I still love him and was hurt but all the bad went out the window when he surprised me with a visit to my house while he is on spring break. He told me in person everything he text to me and we laughed like old times. We talked and answered each other's questions and near the end, when we had to say good bye for the night, he still wanted to talk. But I had to go. His texting isn't the same like before, and he was acting a little strange as if he was thinking deeply about something. But during our convo, he said he know what he had to do but couldn't tell me yet. But he wanted to be with me and still be my friend he says. Honestly I want to be more than that but don't want to push him. I'm just afraid he's regretting seeing me and apologizing. Because I think he has another set of friends that I would have never hung out with. But now I would try anything. Just as long as he's happy. I know this is very confusing but I a lot has happened. What is your opinion? Maybe he's quiet because he's afraid? Or what?


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  • Sounds like he's reflecting on what's important in his life and his true values. He's quiet because he's thinking.

    He might have something (someone) else in his life that he needs to remove before he can pursue you, which is the right/noble way to behave.

    I seriously doubt that he wants to just be friends. I think it's more likely he genuinely cares about you and wants to make sure everything is in order before he takes it further.


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