Why is he ignoring me i feel it's just time to let him go?

Why is he ignoring I told him how feel and he hasn't replied we recently broke up I feel like the best thing for me is to just leave him alone I don't know I have it a chance to reach out and nothing I did what he did when it came to me what should I do ( just recently broke up out if a 3 year rela.)


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  • How long has it been

    • 3 weeks

    • How old is he?

    • 15 , he was like really respectful to me & he would tell my mom that he loved me and he would tell me that he wanted a futuer with me... The main reason why I told him how feel is because he wasn't bad to me he really respected and was good he didn't act immature for his age he acted mature he already works and everything but I don't know if I should just hold on or just let go

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