Is my ex in a rebound relationship or is it real?

I feel like Im in a horrible awful movie..
My ex and I dated for 3 1/2 years, in high school. He broke up with me the summer during college for another girl that he meant at orientation. they broke up and he came crawling back to me. I took him back but things were never the same. He then left me again a few months later for a different girl at his college. I completely cut him off and that was that. He bounced into a relationship within a day (I think he was hanging out with her when we were together still). And then within 3 months of dating her he gets engaged. Everyone told me this, I didn't know i blocked him on Facebook way before and dropped all contact. I would not get hurt again I have to keep my guard up.
But every month for the next year and ahalf he would contact me via email, telling me he wanted to see me, and talk things over. I always declined. When I didn't respond he would contact my friends whether in person or on Facebook.
He even found out where I worked somehow and brought his fiance with him. He told me his stalking days on Facebook were over...and his fiance even messaged me asking if he was always so boring. I dont know how she even got my email we dont know eachother.
But I haven't seen him in over a year now (The break up was over 2 years ago) But last night I saw him and he would not stop staring.
Is this a rebound? Him and his new girl are still together and he told me in an email last yr they broke up. Again I never responded.
Does he really love her or is it a rebound? He hasn't changed one bit and the girl looks just like me except she is a brunnet. Does the same activities and everything...


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