my ex was dating 2 women at once, we confronted him & he told her i was lying and crazy?

i had been in a relationship with a guy for about 2 months everything was going smoothly until i saw some texts in his phone. i asked him about the girl and he would only admit what he had to..first he said she was just a friend, then he said she was a bit more but nothing happened between them. eventually i asked the girl myself and found out he was dating both of officially (or so i thought) & her just without labels. we met up and confronted him..but the most heart breaking thing happened.

when he saw her he completely denied me...lied to her told her i was never his gf & how im crazy and a bunch of other stuff.

my heart shattered as i realized she was the one he loved & i was just the side girl he was playing a game with/using. though he lied to both of that moment it was obvious what was what. a few days prior he was calling me begging me not to leave him after i found out about the text, he was telling me he loved me. throughout the relationship he treated me well...took me on dates...did things he wouldn't usually do...NO ONE could have told me that i wasn't a girl he loved from his actions.

i'm left feeling do i recover from trusting someone to them saying infront of another girl "she thinks she was my girlfriend but she was nothing" she almost started believing i was crazy until i showed her texts and other he told her he'd only seen me twice in his life.

i really fell for this guy & when we confronted him i had no idea that would happen in fact i thought it would've been the other way around.

this dude never could have cared about me, when eh saw her he literally didn't care about anything i had to say..losing me meant nothing..losing her meant everything. & i have no idea how to deal with this heart is in shock.


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  • Oh girl, I'm so sorry for what happened to you :( That's just so bad, you didn't deserve this.
    Seems like this guy doesn't know the values of a relationship: honesty and loyalty. The worse is lying not only to one person but 2.
    Time will heal it. Getting attached to this guy isn't worth it and it's good you recognize it. Delete his number, his Facebook, whatever, just try not to contact him, so it will be easier.
    And try to find the good things of being single: hang out with friends, watch movies, find a hobby you like, just be occupied and distract yourself from the sad moments. It may take some time for you to get over this, but just be patient.
    And please, don't close your heart. It may be broken but there's someone out there who can fix it, so don't stop believing in love. Not all guys are jerks, you know? Perhaps meet new guys would be good for you, but don't use them to forget your ex, just don't rush into things. Just see how things go.
    Wish you the best*


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