Is this REBOUND or REAL relationship attempt?

BACKGROUND: Ex-girlfriend & I dated for over 2 years. We were bonnie & clyde. i hated my life and she hated hers. We became inseperable and fell hard in love through last years of high school and beginning of college (some people called us obsessed with each other). As i went off to college, the party life and business school took over my time, stress and attention as i was doing was i thought. I became an asshole at times and reaaaally dug into her skin when we'd get into fights (borderline verbal abuse one can say :-( and she still lived about an hour away at the time. We only saw each other 2-3 days a week, always connected technologically though.

THE LAST FIGHT: i see her next to me to texting somebody and she deletes the message. (I have held all the power in the rltnship. broke up with her over petty stuff, she was ALWAYS the one to beg, always trying to see me and be around me, wanted a KID) I freak out and go over the top and yell at her to go the f*** day she wants to "think about things"...keep in mind her mom does not like me (sister saw me as a player/no good bad boy since the beginning and i could be an asshole). she breaks up with me slowly over a week, always hysterically crying when i see her.

NOW: She ended up with the guy she was texting...the day after the fight, she plead to me (as she was attempting to break up with me?) that it was nothing but she still needed time. we used to make fun of this guy because he was a wannabe thug, burger king worker and was somehow in her circle of friends. She went from a normal social-networker, cool pretty popular on there and much attention b/c of her quitting it all COLD TURKEY. she posted a few pics of her & new guy saying how she loved him just a few weeks after our break up but she hasn't been active on social media outside of that AT ALL. we've been in NC 3 months, theyve been in relationship 2.5.

Thoughts? Anything helps. I can take anything i should/need to hear.
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  • She's with him for real. You both entered new phases of life


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  • It's over and I don't blame her. You spund like a dick and hopefully the next guy is nicer to her


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  • I think it is a rebound relationship
    she was lonely and you were busy...then when you were being "mean" she realized she would try and move on...she never should have
    started talking to this guy before the two of you were over. That's kinda shady. The longer they are together the stronger their bond will be. If you still have feeling for her and want a future with her you can always let her know how you feel. If it is a rebound she may hesitate to come back but if you planned on kids and a future and to be married it could still be salvaged. Good luck.. Hope she is the one you want.


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