How do I fight for her and get her back?

Well she broke it of with me and went back to her ex. Thing is she still loves me and I love her she went back because she feels she owes the relationship but now she won't talk to me anymore. She doesn't reply and doesn't want to see me. How do I fight for her I really do love her and I felt her that she loved me but she set her head now and everything I do is wrong.
What can I do? She's really hurting me and I know she's doing it just because she can't handle the situation but I don't care I want her back!
What can I do? Apparently keeping my distance isn't working because she's so stubborn. I did get trough to her once when we meat and I kissed her and she broke down and told me she loves me and it feel so right so I'm guessing she still really has feelings for me. But what can I do to get her back?


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  • Hello

    there' a big difference between knowing for sure that someone really loves you and feeling that someone loves you
    anyway here's what i think :

    she really needs time and now you said she's back with her ex , i think she did that for two main reasons :
    1- to make sure about the feelings she has for you
    2- to see your action and maybe when you know she's back with her ex you'll give up with tile

    what to do :
    give her a short period and see her reactions , even she'll call or do any gesture or excuse she could make up just to see you or talk to you , anything that she proves that she still thinks about you
    talk to her girl friends , << if they like you <<
    after giving her a short period : you'll be able to
    know if she really still has something for you or not
    know if she's really worth to fight for or not
    after you make sure then you can simply declare war and do your best to get her back and here's some tips !
    1- call her everyday , even if she doesn't answer the phone
    2- leave her messages
    3- be headstrong and do not even give up or show her that you are getting sick of this
    4- do your possible to meet her face to face
    5- when you meet , look directly in her eyes when you talk to her
    6- do not be very pushy with her , try always to be cool when you call her , talk to her,,, etc

    anyway these are some tips if SHE IS ONLY WORTH TO FIGHT FOR and if she really loves you she'll be back or at least if she respects and appreciates your efforts she'll tell you the truth and you and her will fix this thing for once and for all

    hope this helps
    Best Regards

    • Yes she's worth it! She really is! I've never felt with someone like that and I've never felt emotions from someone that strong like I did from her.
      I did give her time we had a huge fight and then she came back after a week and made an excuse if we could be friends. But somehow we ended up going for a ride and we ended up kissing again and I could feel her still having feelings for me. She broke down and said it feels so right. I don't think I'm wrong about her. But we had another fight because she started pushing me away again after it was great because I think she's scared of her feelings for me and know it won't work.
      How long do I leave her alone? I called her today but no answer. But I did see she looked at my message on fb after a week.
      I'm afraid of being too pushy and I don't think I can be this strong. Some people tell me to leave her alone and let her miss me but I'm afraid of losing her and I really don't know what to do.

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    • Persistent in what way do you mean? Because anything I try she just keeps pushing me away and I can't get anywhere with her. So I've left her alone for now.
      I don't know what I should do because she's keeping away and keeping busy and people told me she's not looking her best that she looks troubled.
      I'd like to reach out to her but I'm afraid she'll shut me down again.
      I don't even know if she's maybe given me a sign or not. I don't know what to do.

      Thank you for the help.

    • i deeply understand ur issue as i said she seems to be confused but again let me tell u time will prove and show you if she's really willing to let you go or not

      Best Regards and good luck

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  • Oh it happened to me mate, I personally experienced this kind of situation. Alright, She's the Love of My life and my Greatest Failure.I failed to fight for her and ended up like shit for 2 years.Dont be like me.Fight for her.

    Ill post as Anon.


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