Do men ever break up with women they are developing feelings for because they fear rejection?

If a guy fears rejection, could that cause him to break things off with a woman he is possibly falling in love with? Perhaps allowing a relationship to deepen sets him up for the possibility of rejection?

I know most people don't like rejection. I'm talking about men who seriously FEAR rejection due to past issues such as a painful break up or childhood emotional trauma.

Maybe getting close to a woman brings about a certain level of vulnerability, and if things don't work out, he will face the intolerable pain of rejection. Perhaps this pain connects directly to the rejection he experienced in the past. Perhaps he has not worked on releasing it and is hypersensitive to being abandoned and rejected.

What reasons do these men give when they break up with the woman? I dated a guy who told ME he cared for me, and right afterwards I told HIM I cared for him. Two weeks later, he broke up with me, saying he had "no romantic feelings" for me. I know he had a painful break up and severe trauma in childhood.

Our relationship was very romantic before I told him how I felt about him, and again, he expressed his feelings to me first. So what happened to all that romance?

So, do guys really break up with someone when they fear rejection due to painful issues from the past? And what kind of reasons does a guy in this position give to the woman during the break up? I imagine he would want to avoid telling her about his emotional problems, if he is even aware of them, so perhaps a simple "I have no romantic feelings for you" is an easy way out.

I feel sad for the guy I dated. I hope he works through this issues, for the sake of his own happiness.

Do any of my ideas make sense?


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  • I think this happens a lot with people who never learnt how to deal with reality.

    • I forgot to mention, I do not think your ideas are at all crazy. :)

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  • Never known men to do it... but women do it a lot.. too much


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  • It makes sense to me, though I don't have any first hand experience.
    I don't think guys and girls are all that different, if woman do it I'm sure guys do too.

    Did you try asking him some deep questions about his past? Hope he trust you enough you can dig it out? Or maybe if you assured him that you never have the intention of rejecting him and cater to that until he's brave enough to continue with the relationship? Maybe you could offer to help him work through the past?


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