What makes you want to dump a girl?

I don't like being the one to end things, so I always force guys to dump me. Usually it works, but I can't seem to get this guy to dump me. I text him all the time, I call him all the time, I am pretending to be clingy, I pretend to get angry with for for not texting right away. I pretend to get jealous if he talks to other girls. I accused him of cheating on me. I even took ideas from the movie "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days." I can't seem to break him.

Yesterday I told him I am unhappy and I feel like cheating on him. Today he came to my house with Easter chocolates and Lilies. Maybe I should tell him I cheated.

What to do? And don't answer: "Just break up with him." I don't break up ever. I always feel like people look at the dumper as the bad person.
No longer accepting answers about how to dump him. I've realized after reading some answers on here, and talking to a few people (especially the one I gave Most Helpful) that this was a wrong thing to do. I am dumping him tomorrow.


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  • The dumper isn't the bad person. You are.

    • I was talking in general. Normally people will think the dumper is the bad person. How did you not catch what I meant? Lol I don't care if you think I am a bad person.

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    • Thank you. And you got Most Helpful just because our conversation ended up being helpful to me in the end.

    • Appriciate it. You kept a leveled head I enjoyed this.

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  • Show him this question, he'll dump you on the spot.

    Seriously though, why the games? Dump him, don't tell him you cheated, which will make him hate women! Who cares what random people will think afterwards

    • I care about what our friends and everything think. Especially my family. THey think I have a 'winner' and they would be pissed if I dumped him. I make him dump me, and they won't be upset and they will hate him. :) Same with my friends. And anyway did you not read I didn't want this advice. Also his last girlfriend cheated on him, and he still loves women. Also I don't want him to know I want him to dump me, so I can't show him this question. I want him to think it's his decision.

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    • Doesn't let me have any freedom whatsoever. He is a nice guy, but I can't go out alone anywhere anymore. He tries to control me. I went to a friends house last week for a girls night. He was supposed to go out to the bar with his friends. Instead, he stayed at home all upset because I went out. When I got back he wanted to know just how many men I talked to. We never left her house, and it was just all girls. I never ever flirt or do anything with other men to ever give him reason to be jealous. I've always kept my focus on him, but during the last few months he's changed. Also he told me I have to get rid of my cat. I've had that cat for 15 years.

    • And it's my apartment and he is slowly moving himself in.

  • Just dump him and stop playing games. Women need to be more straight forward.

    • Did you not read this part: And don't answer: "Just break up with him." I don't break up ever.

      And also, other women do break up if they aren't happy. I just don't. It's not gender related. It's each individual person. I know plenty of girls who have no issue doing the dumping. So you're to think only women do this...

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    • I'm going to dump him tomorrow when he gets back. After talking to a few users, particularly the one I gave Most Helpful to, I've decided I was wrong on this whole approach. I was the wrong one on this whole thing and they were all right. It just took talking about it with other people to make me realize that this is really a bad thing.

    • Glad you realized it

  • That's the most mean thing I've heard all week, you are bad and you should feel bad for doing stuff like that.
    Have a problem? Let him know. Tired of the guy? Break up with him and tell him to gtfo of your life or something rather than playing with that guys feelings.

  • If I were you, I wouldn't pretend to be clingy. I like that, personally. The only time I've been the dumper was when she cheated and full on sexual relations with someone else. I'd say to act uninterested in everything he does, like if he ask a yes/no question, only answer with yes/no, don't elaborate, etc.

    • Why do you like clingy girls? You're the first guy I've ever seen admit that. Most guys I know feel that is a deal breaker.

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    • True, but some girls who are clingy are also really jealous. Some don't feel secure in the relationship. I guess it depends on how they're clingy. It's not always just about devotion.

    • Well, I guess the reason is the narcissism, then.

  • Be like "Babe what we going to name our kids" Or "I think I am preggo" Strongest shit ever

    • He likes the name Jake for a boy and Savannah for a girl. I tried this as my first tactic. Also, he wouldn't dump me if I said I was pregnant. I bet I'd get a proposal.

    • Dayyyyyy-um. I feel for you, How about "I got vaginal infection last week and now it looks like hotdogs"?

  • Bossy gals!
    In fact, once you learn his schedule of very important events (to him) you can begin to demand conflicting must-do events or jobs, then get mad at your event he fails to do... he'll be getting mad about his events he missed.

    Flirting with other guys in front of him
    to the point of bear hugging them, kissing, taking time to chat them up, asking them to phone you; his objections are met with "not trusting you"

    Meet him an hour late, updating him every quarter hour - the reason? You double booked him with a... plumber, hairdo, nails, whatever HE finds a waste of time. Then cut it short, as you've wasted all today's time on these other things and must get ready for tomorrow.

    Join a religious sect that abhors sex

  • If you continue like this, he'll dump you sooner or later. If doesn't he must be very stupid!


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  • "I don't break up ever. I always feel like people look at the dumper as the bad person."

    How exceptionally immature, especially for a woman your age.

    You don't want to be thought of badly, so you put a man through hell just to feel better about yourself? How exactly does that NOT make you a bad person?
    You treat the person LIKE SHIT, you tell them things that will HURT them just so you don't have to do the dumping.


    You are a horrible person for doing that to others. How very dare you say such hurtful things to others just so you can preserve your precious reputation.

    To be honest, you disgust me. I think you have no business being in relationships to begin with, because you clearly haven't grown up yet.

    • Yeah but he's gotten clingy and doesn't let me have freedom and he tries to control me.

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    • Babby wabby? Oh good lord.

    • Yup. I thought that would sound so terrible and messed up. If someone said something like that to me, all I would be able to think is "What the fuck is wrong with this person" and I'd be so embarrassed. My friends wouldn't let me hear the end of it. He loved it though. I guess that's his thing lol.

  • I think you should just break up with him. I never liked doing it and I had an ex at one time who, no matter what I did, wouldn't end things. I just blatantly told him its over, but you seem stern on not doing that. How about just ignoring him, do not get jealous, do not act clingy, don't text/call him and basically do opposite of everything you've described above.

    • Yes that might work as well. The reason I was stern about that was because if I wanted that answer, then I would just dump him lol. I just want him to do it. I've honestly never had a guy put up with this. Someone PMed me to hit him, but I don't believe in violence. That's horrible advice.
      My last ex I pulled the poker night scene from How to Lose a Guy in Ten days. Not exact, but I showed up at his guys night. He dumped me that night by text. He asked me to leave politely. Lol.

      This guy, he just seems to want a tight hold.

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    • No I already said I would never hit him. That's the worst possible advice anyone can give anyone. I wouldn't even hit him if he cheated on me. I think violence is wrong for anyone male or female. It's just wrong. And no I really don't want to say I cheated. I might just have to ignore him like you suggested or do what someone else said and be stinky around him. Or do both ignore him, and if I do be around him stink.

    • Good. I hate when people resort to violence or cheating. Good luck girl!

  • really youd rather tell him you cheated over telling him its over? i would think telling him you cheated (even if its not true) would be worse for both of you.

    • Well I don't want to but I don't know how else to make him dump me. I can make it seem as if me cheating was his fault, even though it definitely isn't. And he wouldn't tell other people I cheated anyway. His last girlfriend cheated, and all he did was tell people: "It wasn't meant to be." I had trouble finding that out. It took forever for me to get that info from him. So it's not like people will look down on me for cheating. And he would end up blaming himself for me cheating. He does for his ex, and well obviously it's her fault since she did it.

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    • i dont need to, youd rather make yourself look good whilst breaking his heart just so you dont have to dump him. why dont you just break up with him and tell her he dumped you but is trying to play the victim? at least then you won't have to tell him an even nastier lie

    • I didn't think of doing it that way to be honest. It isn't about being the victim at all. It's about her not criticizing me for something that I feel right about. She criticized me for buying a condo, for moving away from home, for not going to the career she wanted, for not having kids early... etc. Everything I do, I want to please her and I can't. So dumping a guy she wants me to be with will really make her angry. But I guess I can lie to her. I never ever once had that thought occur to me.

  • He's stupid for sticking with you and you're stupid for treating him this way just because you don't want to "look bad". If your so called image is more important than his feelings, then you're a sociopath. Pathetic.

  • Cry all the time and stop showering ;)

    • The now showering thing might work actually... lol. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks. Although I have to be careful because I don't want other people to think I stink. So I just have to be stinky around him.

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    • Lol, I actually like raw onions. So I might do that. And maybe stop shaving a bit lol.

    • There you go! get all manly with it and stop shaving haha.

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