When your boyfriend is good friends with his ex...should you be threatened?

My boyfriend has been divorced for a year and a half now and is on friendly terms with his ex. They broke up amicably, things just fizzled out. He has been very honest and upfront with me about it - he helped her move when she moved out of their apartment and he invited her and her sister to his parents house for Easter -she and her sister are from France and they are all alone here with no family. He could have easily not told me any of these things and I would have never known. I don't get the vibe at all that he has any intention of getting back together with her - things between the two
of us keep getting better and better. I am on good terms with my ex as well but that is because we have a child together. This may be a silly question but should I be threatened? Just fyi, I am 37 and he is 47.


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  • It sounds like you don't need to be threatened. They're relationship ended beecause they didn't have chemistry - that's pretty much ideal. It wasn't a turbulent end wrapped in passion and emotion lol. He's also been honest and I'm guessing you've met her?

    • I met her a few years ago right before they got married - they were an odd couple, I was surprised they got married. I agree that if they had an emotionally tumultuous breakup, I would be more concerned. Plus they've known each other for over 10 years so they have an investment in each other's families. He also feels responsible for her since she moved from France to the States, leaving her family and friends to marry him and then it ended up not working. So he is trying to be a stand up guy. In the end, though, time will tell- lol

    • Yeah it's an awkward situation and I can totally understand why you'd be uncomfortable. I guess you just need to trust him until he gives you a reason not to.

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  • This reminds me of the time I went to my girlfriend's house and smelled the cologne of her 4-year-ex husband in her bedroom.


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