Brain wracking puzzle? Or am I over thinking it?

My ex and I were able to be friends for a while. Normally we'd go to the gym together or get something to eat if he wasn't doing well financially but that was usually our only contact. I still have feelings for him but he doesn't have any for me (that I know of and I've tried asking). But ever since he got a new gf he completely stopped talking to me. He said he wasn't allowed to, she said he didn't want to (she yelled at me for trying to talk to him). She made him delete me off of Facebook and delete my #. However he didn't delete his other ex's, didn't block me on instagram, and is still my friend on xbox live. He still has things he's borrowed from me and a few other "loose ends".

What do these things mean? Do they mean anything? Is there any way I should try to contact him? I really miss him and if anything as a friend. But I can't figure this out since his motives for things are always unclear and all over the place. What should I do if I can do anything? And what do you think he's feeling?

Please and thank you.


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  • oh would you like that you bf ex is still around and still talking to him? you might hate it because she might be tempted to take him back at any time!!! i know that he means a lot to you but you should want his should accept that he now belongs to someone else..and move on and find a new bf...that girl loves your ex and want him for don't want to get between them and mess up their relationship? respect their relationship

    • When he and I were together I never asked him to stop talking to anyone. I trusted him. If I was able to seduce him and steal him away it would've been long before this. I do want his happiness but I know she's not it. She's controlling and a bitch. And if I was able to move on and find a new bf I would've done so by now.

    • oh if she is a bitch so don't give a fuck about her..i hate bitches!

  • His GF is jealous of you.


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