Should I keep talking to my ex after this message or just leave it at that and move on?

I had kind of a rocky relationship with one of my exes. We "broke up" a couple times and would get back together. When I say rocky, I don't mean abuse or anything like that, two of the times we broke up was when we were out at bars and she was drunk, she wasn't a good drunk. The last time I saw her she was stopped by police after we left a bar and accidentally got separated and I had to pick her up and drive her home. She berated me the whole way home saying it was all my fault that she almost got in trouble, it wasn't a good situation.

After some time to cool off (over a month now where I had her blocked on fb and she blocked my phone # that night), I sent her a message on Facebook today saying that while I don't think I did anything wrong that night, I get she was really upset and she had an awful night and needed someone to vent at. I told her she didn't treat me right, but there was no point in holding a grudge and I am not mad at her anymore and I only wish her the best. I also told her she was too hard on herself sometimes and I hope she started liking the person she was, because generally she is a good person. She sent me the following response :

"I appreciate the kind words. You're a really good guy, always the first to apologize and make things right. I'm sorry for everything. There are no hard feelings and Happy Easter :)"

So I can't really tell if that is her saying she wants to get past what happened or her just kind of saying she still wants to move on, but she doesn't think anything bad of me. I don't want to read this wrong


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  • Nope. The cycle will repeat over again and you don't want to get stuck in that. Get out while you can.

    • I tend to agree, but do you think her message to me was signaling she might want to try again, or do you think that was her saying she is moving on, but doesn't have hard feelings

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    • I cheered her up a little and then she sent me "<3 I appreciate that a lot. I really needed to hear that." I don't know what to think...she stood me up on a date once, left me at a bar once when I was drunk and told me I couldn't spend night with her when I lived 45 minutes away and she told me before I started drinking that I could stay with her. So we have had some issues to say the least so it probably would be best for me to steer clear

    • i think its best to stay away. you dont want that toxicity in your life

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  • I think if she didn't continue the conversation she was just being nice. I would move on.

    • So she sent me a fb friend request and sent me a text message yesterday and today I was telling her about a guy who got kicked off a jury in a trial this week for touching himself inappropriately (he was jacking off) and I said maybe carjackings turned him on and her response was well "Maybe you turned him on, because Id probably have the same reaction if I saw you".

      Id say her intentions are pretty clear now...would you agree? And crap now I am getting sucked back in and really her and I are unhealthy together.

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