Ex Boyfriend sending mixed signals. I am so confused. Help please!?

My ex-boyfriend and I have remained somewhat friendly since we broke up. One night he called me drunk saying that he missed me and we agreed to meet up. On the day we agreed to meet up, I texted him at 4pm asking if 7:30 was worked for him. He didn't respond until 8:30 and said sorry for responding late and that something came up. I said its cool. Then a week later this past Tuesday he texted me again and asked what I was doing and when I was free this week. I said not until Sunday. He didn't respond to that. Then on Tuesday, a meeting of mine got cancelled so I texted him and said that I might have a little time in an hour if he was available and he responded and said "no sorry today is hectic for me". And I never responded that and so I just assumed that we were still on to meet for Sunday. Yet here Sunday is and I haven't gotten a text from him all day and I'm pretty sure he will text me sometime this week...and its like WHAT does he want from me? Why text me and say you miss me then agree to meet up and not follow through? I dont get it


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  • Ummm try to study him sort of like almost stalk him but dontnstalk him just follow him out of sight and look at the girls he is talking with and if he starts flirting remember your not together no more


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