Why would an ex go out of his way to avoid you?

I got invited to a party a couple days ago. When i got there I was kind of surprised because all of the friends of my ex were there except for him. He usually parties with those friends. But he went to a different party with people he barely knew.I felt like he was avoiding me because he knew that I would've been there so he didn't go.
Our break up was about 6 weeks ago. it wasn't necessarily bad because no one cheated or did anything wrong. The chemistry just kind of faded out. So why would he go out of his way to avoid me?


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  • He's not over you, he's hurt and he as soon as he heard you were going to the party he decided not to go.

    My ex did the same thing for 6 months after the break up...

    Who broke up with whom?

    • He broke up with me, that's why i'm confused.

    • Yeah, it's clear he isn't over you and it'd hurt him to see you in person.

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  • This dude is scared of you ex's terrify all men they could more or less destroy you in a sentence he probable didn't want to be around in case of argument or anything worse

    • Could be, but we didn't talk since the break up so there wouldn't be a reason to start an argument.

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