Boyfriend moving away, break up now or later?

Me (21) and my bf (22) have been together for almost 2 years. He lived with his parents during college. However, they ended up moving to NH after his graduation and my bf stayed in FL to be with me. He has a summer job in CO and doesn't know when he's coming back cuz he doesn't have a job right now or a house here. I knew in the beginning that he's always wanted to live in CO cuz FL isn't for him but now he said he's torn cuz I'm in FL and I'm the one who makes him happy. Last thing I wanna do is hold him back from something he loves. He also said that things could still change cuz he doesn't know what it's like to live there during winter time. Right now, we've got 2 months until he leaves for his summer job. We don't wanna end it but he knows I can't do long distance or IF we do LDR I told him I need to know when he's coming back but he doesn't know when. Also were worried that if something happens we'll have to end it through phone and we don't wanna do that since we think were compatible people and wanna stay in touch with each other no matter what. We wanna get the most out of our relationship before he leaves but at the same time I feel like it's not really a relationship cuz we know it has to end soon. What should we do? Do you think we should end it now? Or just wait until he leaves and end it then? or what?

I'm still in school, don't have a good paying job, and there's nothing for me in CO except for him.


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