HELP! If his ex-GF was superior to you in every way?

And the reason they separated is because SHE left him?

About her:
-She's 5'9
-Amazing body (Toned body and nice breasts)
-Dark hair and green eyes (Which are his turn on)
-Flawless skin
-You found out from neutral friends that she used to blow your boyfriends mind in the bedroom..

How would you feel/react to that?

I told her "That's in the past. That doesn't matter anymore." Would you believe that?


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  • I'm assuming that you're the guy.
    I would feel slightly self-conscious and intimidated of the ex-girlfriend, to be honest. But what I would try to remember is that my boyfriend is going out with me now, NOT with her. He wouldn't be together with me if he didn't also find me attractive in some way, maybe my personality.
    However, if you really do feel as though your current girlfriend is inferior to your ex in every single way, maybe you shouldn't be together.


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  • Do you believe that? I'm guessing as the guy you're asking this because you're seeing someone new but to be honest if you genuinely think your ex was superior, I don't think the new girl will fail to notice that even if you hide it. Do you still have feelings for this girl? It sounds a little as though you do, in which case it might be kinder to break things off with your current girlfriend before her self esteem is properly damaged. If you don't think your ex was superior, and you're honest with your new partner and make her feel special/beautiful etc she should believe you (hopefully) but honestly the way you wrote the question makes it sounds as though you're still into your ex :s

    • I'm just being objective about it. If your ex boyfriend looked like Zac Efron, but your current date looks like Michael Cera, everyone knows who looks better than who. If even you knew his ex looked better (And wasn't a bad person), and he told you "But I'm dating you. She's in the past" How would you feel/react?

  • I would feel a bit inadequate and insecure to be honest. But I'm kinda in that situation now.

    • What if he told you "That's in the past. I'm with you now"?

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