Cheating guy screwed me over and I'm not sure how to move on?

I'd been talking to this guy on tumblr for a couple of years and then we ended up going to the same university. We hit it off and started kissing the first day we spent together, we never officially got together but after a few hang outs we were sleeping together a lot. Little did I know he actually had a girlfriend back home, at the time I was mad and we stopped talking. There connection was still there a few months later when we met at a party and we slept together once more. Since then his girlfriend found out and he doesn't talk to me anymore. I'm really confused and upset and I want to tell myself it was just friends with benefits and he used me but we helped each other with self harm and had a connection that way, we were quite good friends and I just feel abandoned. How do I get over this? I feel screwed over because I've lost my friend too.


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  • I say take your mind off of it with movies or hobbies or hang out with friends who make you feel special. If a guy still has not only a girlfriend but stops talking to you after she finds out he is sooo NOT worth your time dear!


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  • you met him in a college right after he started college. no offense but you would have to truly be stupid to not know what guys and girls do as soon as they get into college. they fuck as many guys/girls as they can. even if they do have gfs/bfs waiting at home.

    • well thankyou for your totally useless dickarse comment :}

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    • everyone makes mistakes, forgive me for thinking the best of people. yeah he's an idiot and i made a mistake. i actually think it's really sad that this is how college students behave and it's 'expected' and obvious.

    • good you admitted he is an idiot , and you made a mistake. now you can move on.

  • I think the problem is that despite knowing he had a gf you didn't really treat the relationship any different. so you kind of let yourself stay infatuated with him despite seeing him for what he is which is a user, liar and cheat.

    how do you get over this guy? you just take steps forward. step by step you move forward with your life acknowledging that this guy isn't who you were led to be believe he was and you shouldn't want people who misrepresent themselves or betray your trust in your life. you deserve better than that, so just remind yourself this.

  • You can't blame him for this - you knew he had a girlfriend, and still chose to sleep with him.

    Take responsibility for your actions. Maybe then you can move on.

    • i didn't know he had a girlfriend originally though.

    • Never said originally. I'm talking about the other time you mentioned, and you know I am.. so stop dodging the issue.

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