Will my ex ever forgive me for the way I acted?

I was recently broken up with by my ex boy friends. We dated for six months and everything was great. We never fought. We loved all the same things and had the same sense of humor. I loved him a lot. And then out of no where he broke up with me saying he didn't feel the same. Then every thing went down hill. I couldn't understand why he broke up with me. He acted like he had feeling towards me and acted like he wanted a relationship. Every time it asked if he was happy he'd say yes. Ever since the break up at least once a week I freaked out and start calling him and texting him non stop asking why and to hang out. Finally we did one night and ended up sleeping together. I seemed fine after that and even made a goal for myself not to talk to him for 30 days and it was going good until he texted me. And it was a vicious cycle again. Just the other day I told him he needed to block me on his phone because I couldn't keep doing this to me or him and he agreed. We agreed on 30 days no talking and Then the convo turned out to be huge argument. Not wanting to go 30 days with us angry at one another I went over his place uninvited to say sorry. He flipped out asked me why the fuck Was I here and to get the fuck out of his house. It actually scared me the way he was acting. I have never heard he yell before. He said i was lucky he didn't call the cops. All I did was cry. He has never been mean to me before. He told me to get the fuck over it and to let him be. I feel so stupid for what I did and for the way I have been acting. I feel ashamed and most of all I feel like I lost a friend. I have never been this person before. Please help.


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  • Break ups suck, they hurt and are messy and they feel like the pain will go on forever. It won't. Block his number. Find quotes to empower you, print some off and put them up in your room reminders that you are going to get through this. Listen to some kick ass girls (Katy Perry, P! nk, Kelly Clarkson) they all have stand strong and get over him songs. Anything he gave you box up, even if you do keep it just get it out of sight for now. Talk to your girlfriends, cry, spend time with them, bitch about guys anything you need right now. Be strong for you and not so he will realize what he has lost. Finally forgive yourself <3 good luck :)


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