Did my ex rebound and can I get her back?

-Ex-girlfriend & I dated for over 2 years.
-We became inseperable and fell hard in love through last years of high school (some people called us obsessed with each other).
-As i went off to college, the party life and business school took over my time but we still saw each other multiple times a week.
-I became an asshole at times and reaally dug into her skin when we'd get into a few fights. She isn't close to family so i was her 1 and only friend really, which i loved.
-She wanted a kid and was always clingy, we always had so much fun though and we had planned our futures together

-i see her next to me to texting somebody and she deletes the message saying (i knew you'd get mad so i deleted it)
- I freak out and go over the top and yell at her to go the f*** home
-she forgives me but then she wants to "think about things"...swears when they were texting it was nothing at all
-she breaks up with me slowly over a week, always hysterically crying when i see her and not looking like she wants to do it and didn't like me telling people about it. (her older sister didn't like me)

-She ended up with the guy she was texting 2 weeks after our break up
-at 1 point, we made fun of this guy because he was a wannabe thug, burger king worker that she watched lose a fight.
-THEN she goes from pretty popular on social media, much attention b/c of looks...to her quitting it all COLD TURKEY starting the week of our break up.
-she posted a few pics of her & new guy saying how she loved him just a few weeks in but she hasn't been active on social media outside of that AT ALL. she's a jealous stalker type of person and her last thing on Twitter was a joke tweet about stalking...i haven't tried to move on yet
-we've been in NC 3 months, theyve been in relationship 2.5.

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  • Real relationship so back off
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She quit her job as well. Heard from her friend she has like no money and isn't signing up for college. i just hope it doesn't cause her to fall deeper into him!


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  • Dude you said it right there, you became an asshole. No girl, no matter how much she likes you is going to hang around for that. You probably drove her away because of your behavior. You describe her as clingy, but you also say you were her only friend. Honestly you are an ass, you treat a girl like shit, then get mad when she leaves you? Unless you left our some part of this story, leave the girl alone and get a clue about how to treat a lady.


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