Trying to be friends with the ex-bf?

My ex dumped my over text and then with in a week had a new gf that he has openly told me he loves. So I did my thing to get over him and let him go. Now I'm good, just doing me and he has been contacting me, he's still with the girl - they even live together, but he insists that he still loves me and that he should have never let me go blah, blah, blah. I would like to remain his friend but the constant "if I was single could we try" is just getting old. My question is - is it worth it to be friends with an ex?


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  • No. It is not worth being friends with an ex. It usually leads to unnecessary drama and aggravation. I think two exes can be friends providing there are no more romantic feelings involved, and providing both parties have entirely moved on.

    Otherwise, I think its a terrible idea. And the only reason he is feeding you all of that nonsense is because he sees you are moving on WITHOUT him. And in his mind, its a game to gauge your feelings and to see if he can get you back. Thats it. But obviously its bullcrap. If he REALLY wanted you, he wouldn't have dumped you to begin with.


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  • You can't be friends with an ex if they are in a committed relationship... I wouldn't expect him to be okay with his GF still in regular contact with his ex. This compromises the integrity of any relationship, and credibility of any offending party.


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