how do you know if there is no contact?

how do you know if an ex still cares and his only with someone knew so he doesn't look stupid? okay so my ex cheated on me and i was his longest relationship we were together for a year and even lived together his family actually though i was the one, i broke up with him when i found out and he is with her now we have been broken up for a month or so now and as soon as i broke up with him he went straight to her, our mutual friends say it was because he is arrogant selfish and has a really high ego and already looked stupid as is cheating on me so he doesn't want to look even more stupid by not dating who he cheated on me with because he would have cheated on something good for no reason and that he will be back when they break up.. i was blocked from his Facebook but i have found out that iam not anymore.. and when one of our mutual friends had died he went with her to the funeral and wake, he avoided me at the wake and it was obvious but caught him looking at me then the next day at the funeral he wouldn't stand by her at all and i had caught him looking at me while he was crying multiple times then as everyone was leaving and they were walking together he was looking at me out of the corner of his eyes the whole time when he passed by me we haven't had contact since we broke up really but some here and there messages about his stuff but at least he messaged back so any opinions on this


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  • I dont know why you would want someone back who cheated on you. What does that say about your self esteem and self worth? I find it difficult to understand why you are thinking this hard about someone who hurt you, and who honestly doesn't give a shit. Unbelievable.

    Let me put it this way. He doesn't care THAT much about the breakup if he is still with this new girl, and is "getting it in" on the regular with her. Actions speak louder than words. He isn't with you so move on.


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