What does it mean when my ex says he's not ready to talk yet?

About a month ago my boyfriend of a year broke up with me in anger while we were arguing. Rather than being silly and emotional about it, I decided the best thing to do would be to give him some space and leave him alone. Then, after a while, I'd come back and try to maintain a friendship with him; possibly something more, if I could.

Yesterday, I realised that I needed to take some photos of a bike for a project I'm working on and he's a really keen cyclist, so I messaged him asking if he could help me out. After we discussed a time and place, I tried to take conversation further by asking how he was. He didn't respond.

The next day, I realised I was not going to be able to make the time we set to take the photos of the bike and I texted him saying I was sorry and asked to rearrange another time. He seemed a little passive aggressive, and I asked him everything was alright. He told me that he wasn't ready to start talking again and that we were in different stages. He said he would start talking eventually, just not yet.

I understand that therefore, I should leave him be (I will), but what does that mean? I have no idea what's going through his head. I'm confused as to why HE'S the one 'not ready to talk' when he was the one that ended it. I'll be seeing him tomorrow for the photography, and then once again on my birthday (which I really hope he will come to). I'm anxious to see how he's going to act. I do eventually want this guy back, but I'm pretty worried that he's lost feelings for me entirely.

What do you think I should do, and what do you reckon is going through his head right now? Thanks!
I should rephrase the question better: "WHY do you think he isn't ready to talk?"


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  • Seriously, how can this be a question? He says he's not ready to talk yet. How can you be somehow unsure what that means? It's plain English .

    • Well, that wasn't the exact question. I was talking more about why you might think he's the one not ready to talk when he was the one that broke it off in the first place.

    • He could have broke things off because he was angry with you for some reason - and the anger hasn't subsided yet. There's no way for strangers on the internet to tell. There's too many possibilities.

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