do men remember & think the women they hurt the most, even if they didn't love her at the time?

throughout life there may be one woman whose heart you know you may have shattered for no reason at all...whether or not you loved her isn't the case but does it ever haunt you? do you ever think of this girl? what are the thoughts you have of her?
  • i will always remember her & regret that i treated her so badly
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  • everyone has to get their heart broken it was just her turn...i dont even remember her name
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  • A:
    Things to consider
    . I wanted it to work out but we couldn't make it work, be it enthusiasm or better as just friends
    . She had different ideas about teamwork, she wanted to go down the safe path of humdrum, I wanted more on the edge white collar security
    . She thought it OK to lie about BC pills on this summer fling when neither of us had a career started, still working out a possible relationship
    . If sex had happened, I could have been happy with her in a long relationship, although we were only ships passing in the night


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  • Only if they somewhat cared about her, if they were just some girl they were banging then No


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  • It's complicated.

    There is one girl who I have and will have lifelong regrets about, but it's not that I necessarily broke her or with no reason.

    Truth be told she did as much damage to me as I could have potentially done to her... we both had messy lives back then.

    I sometimes wonder how she's doing. I hope she's doing well and has improved her life and not ended up traveling down a road I know all to well.

  • Nope, I mean i've only ever done that once and it wasn't someone who I was dating it was a friend who told me she loved me... If I was in a relationship with someone then it would probably be different.

  • There is only 1 girl I regret being mean to, the rest got what they deserved.

  • Ugh, I wish she never existed. Girls are so annoying. Too many to be nice to everyone.

    • lol so you wish the girl she hurt never existed...this one is it because you wish you never hurt her or you wish you didn't have to feel the guilt?

    • Actually no, I take it back. I learned a lot about myself from that girl. We never even dated.

  • Nope. I don't think that's what men do at all.


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