I have a lot to think of, but i'm up for the challenge.?

So me and my ex girlfriend are trying to make this whole thing work again. A lot of people don't think it'll work and many believe the approach I'm making is the best. We are working on a lot by bringing up what happened to how to move forward with it. I've realized that trust is very hard to build up again so I'm simply giving her benefit of doubt that she won't hurt me. We flirting and making plans for these dates during this weekend.

My friends think I could do so much better. I probably can, but it's not like I think I can change her or anything. I just simply feel like I want to be with her. Even though she pisses me off and can have such a strong presence I simply see too much with her to look anywhere else. This could be my future wife here...and it's not like all relationship are butterflies and rainbows.

Another thing is she brought up something kind of scary. She has like a ovarian tumor or something. I don't know how to really deal with that. I'm not really worried about the chances of having kid's or not. We can always adopt and so many other things. I did some research and it really hasn't really told me much. They caught it early and from what I read treatment to catching it early is high. I don't know.


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  • Sounds tough i don't know her but if you want give it another shot. Also you may be limiting your happiness

    • I probably would have limited myself of happiness if I didn't take the chance to give this a shot. I'm happy with the outcome, but at the same time I just gotta believe that it'll be better than the last time. I know I won't regret it thou.

    • ok i don't know her but good luck

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