Why does my ex keep texting me!?

My ex and I broke off about 2 weeks ago (1.5 years of him blowing hot and cold). This all stemmed from an argument in which he degraded and disrespected me in front of my friends over something very insignificant (clearly there was more at play in his mind which made him blow something small out of proportion to either get me to leave or it was bound to happen). But regardless, after the incident he told me how ashamed he was, how he felt like less of a man for treating another person that way, that I'm a wonderful woman, was the best girlfriend he has ever had, and I deserve better. All lies I'm sure to make me and himself feel better, but that irrelevant at this point. I told him it is what it is, he hurt me, there's no hope for a friendship at this point and that there was nothing left for me here as I woulnd't maintain contact with a friend who said some of the things he said to me, or treated me with such little respect, so I requested he stop communication with me, he agreed said maybe we would run into each other in the future and "all wounds would be healed." Anyway, over the course of the past 2 weeks I get random texts from him, which i dont respond to because I know I will get sucked into guilt or pulled back in with his maniuplative tactics, he texted... "Happy Easter ", and 3 days later..."The first holiday without you was miserable and lonely." I blocked him, because it does hurt me to see it (I'm not over him yet bc I did give this man my heart, but I have accepted that we will never be), and it is hard for me to not respond. He walked away, told me we aren't "compatible", treated me disrespectfull, we said our goodbyes, why not just leave it alone? I'm sure all the responses from men will be that he is trying to leave the door open for some a**- which is sick to me that he would think of me that way. I would hope a respectable man who valued me as much as he claimed to have would let me move on and heal without reminding me of his self pity


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  • He's just missing the sex with you. Probably though a lack of sex in the relationship also caused him to blow up like that in the first place!

    • Lol, no that definitely wasn't the issue, I can guarantee that. But nice assumptions.

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    • I get it. But I think there was more of an imbalance with him chemically or he just always had one foot in one foot out, sort of seeking a perfection that didn't exist. Not trying to be cocky but I was a really level headed supportive and overall good gf, he admitted that his "messed up mind" took it for granted. Either way I was more wondering why a man would say I can't continue he down this road of knowing ill eventually hurt you, so let's end this. But continue to reach out when he and I both know it's over, and we said our goodbyes.

    • My belief is that a chemical imbalance in the brain can come about due to inadequate/irregular sex.

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