How do you get over someone who made you think was another person? How would you catalog someone like this?

Long story short:

This man I went out with twice, seemed really REALLY nice, like the perfect man almost.

I made a list of things he did for me, in the short month I knew him, before reading them have in mind that shortly after asking me out and do/say all this things he acted like I didn't exist, and started dating someone else.

-He told his 13 year old kid he liked me, and even this kid was excited about it because he likes me.

-He used his kid to ask me if I liked him back, and to ask for my number.

-He told his mother he liked me a lot. (His mom and I are friends).

-He told me he was looking forward to a serious relationship with me.

-He told me he wanted to get to know me better (seems like you can know someone good enough in one date huh?).

-He told me all the things he liked/loved about me and that his kid and mom would be so excited about us being a couple.

-He told me he hated hypocrisy and playing with other's feelings (aha!).

So all his 'qualities' made me think: "Wow what a wonderful guy he is". But when he suddenly gave the the cold shoulder as If I had done something bad to him, that's when I was like: What the hell?

And a little side note: He has two other kids from different relationships. So this was a red flag for me since I met him, but I thought he could have changed.

Now how do you get over someone who did something like this? I'm just still a little shocked, is the first person I met that has such a jerky attitude.


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  • Accept that they were jerks. It's much easier when you ball up your list of "WONDERFUL" and write out a list of "Meh".


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