My ex told me that he misses me?

My ex broke up with me about a week ago. We didn't end on the best terms, and there were a few reasons why he broke up, the main one being that I did something dumb to break his trust a few months ago and we've been on edge ever since. He tells me he still loves and cares about me but he's just too afraid to get hurt, and I know this is true. Well today he texted me and he said "I miss you", when I told him I miss him as well, he said "that sounded genuine"

Why did he say he misses me? And when I told him I missed him, why did he reply "that sounded genuine" ?
Do you think he wants me back?


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  • I've been in this same spot... he doesn't miss you... I'm just being real guys get horny easily Lol and he knows you're faithful and he feel he can toy with your emotions... play hate to get then that will show if he really misses u... if he does he will fight to have u back... I did this and it turned the guy just wanted sex

  • IF what you say is true and you broke his trust in you Id say yes he does miss you and surely does still love you but is afraid of getting hurt again


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