My ex girlfriend's behaviour after breaking non contact?

I was with my ex for nearly one year. We broke up one month ago. She basically said she wanted more spark (more arguments, more passion etc) amd there is no future in us.

I went out and focused on myself. I am looking much better after one month and started to get more attention from other girls.Facebook tags would show that. But I still miss my ex. She does not like me hanging out with my friends or go out. Think I went out 4 times without her in 6 months (love was blind).

She started liking my last FB photo, added flirty comments and we ended up chatting nicely last night after one month of NC. She also asked me about events in our town this weekend.

That night she put on a nice romantic song on FB saying...If only someone could give me "each day so sunny and blue"...

I knew the Marvin Gayle version of it so I sent her a message today saying how I liked Marvin Gayle version of this song (my mother's collection) and I will let her know if there are events.

Yesterday's first NC was a nice conversation. This morning, she sent back quite a mean message saying along the lines of:

- She doesn't need updates cos she doesn't have time for parties and hate them.
- Also to stop proving to her that I knew other versions of the songs she like (out of the blue).

That wasn't even my intention.

My responded along the lines of - just trying to say I do like that song and also not trying to invite parties, outdoor events she would like.

She basically then said - she can see all events from FB and I am not the only one who sends out invites to her.

' sorry, maybe I am mean but that's me'.

I just said - well. you can be quite direct at times and that's cool. Point taken and have a good day.

I was confused. She tried to flirt, had a nice conversation but suddenly BOOM! turned nasty and mean.

Why would she do that? As a man who still have feelings for her I am abit confused.

I am not going to contact her for a while now!!


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  • She is a ticking time bomb. Basically she feels the need to talk/flirt but when she realizes what sheis doing, she turns nasty and rude. Long story short you should move on from her because she is not worth hurting you head over.


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