When my ex wrote he loved me, then I found out that he was drunk...?

So my ex and I started talking about "us" again, he proposed to maybe start from new page, I told him that the fact that we talk, i love that.

He told me that his feelings came back towards me, that all the time we were not together, he would drink to forget me and everything we were.

recently he wrote me that he loves me, then i talked to his sister the following day and she told me that he was drunk.

i didn't respond anything to him when he wrote me this, but whatever thoughts are in one's mind, they come out whenever the person is drunk.

thank you in advance for your advises.


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  • its a scientific fact that drunk men are the most honest men.


What Girls Said 1

  • Not always true. I say some off the wall sht when I'm drunk and i do NOOOOOOTTTT always mean that sht lol... js.


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