How should I start up a conversation without seeming needy?

My ex came home with me from the pub last night.

He was super cute, gave me his jacket, said he couldn't imagine uni without me and asked if i thought a whole future with someone you meet when you are 19/20 is possible (when i said my high school boyfriend wasn't realistic).

We didn't sleep together last night but woke up super early and "accidentally" did.
He said that "whether drunk or sober, everything always means something" and that love doesn't go away if it's proper love (basically saying he still loves me).

I will probably see him tomorrow at the races, but I don't just want to talk when we are drunk. Our first casual encounter since the breakup he wasn't drunk, second we both were.

I kind of want to message him, but don't know how to start something up without seeming too needy and that i'm reading into things he has said. Help?


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  • I like the idea of going cryptic in this case
    text: "You're right"
    nothing more

  • Just start talking about your day. You have to be past that little awkward conversation part by now.


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