When a ex keeps on ublocking and blocking you on whatsapp what does it mean?

My ex girlfriend and I split up for some months ago and haven't been in contact for some time.

Just last week she unblocked me, I could see her profile picture and status it was open for a while, then I could see nothing she had blocked me for a day, then all of a sudden I could see her status and was unblocked.

What is the reason behind this, she has apparently made a conscious choice to block me and then unblock me?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Are you sure she blocked and unblocked you? From what I know when someone blocked you on whatsapp you still can see their status and profile pic. The only thing that you can't see if their 'last seen' status. Maybe it was just a coincidence that she didn't put up her pic by that time you were checking her profile?


What Guys Said 1

  • she could be just playing with you and wanting to check on you but not want to talk to you


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