Ex asking if I had a new bf...?

My ex and I were together for 7 months. We broke up 4 months ago as a result of a number of issues. He was very argumentative, insecure & manipulative. Our relationship lasted as long as it did because we had a very passionate & physical relationship which was a problem in itself. We loved each other, but things were strained after I had a pregnancy scare. He wanted us to get engaged and I was totally overwhelmed by the concept. Also, my family despised him.Eventually, I ended things despite him begging me to reconsider many times. A month later, I missed him so much & was sure I had made an impulsive decision to break things off & wanted us to reconcile. But the same problems were still there & we ended up back in the same "sexual" pattern our whole relationship had been defined by. We never got back together & he cut all communication with me.

I figured it was for the best & tried to move on. Quite a lot of guys started asking me out, but I definitely wasn't ready to date again & I didn't want to hurt my ex by going out with other guys so soon. Then 7 weeks go by & I hear that he's seeing someone new & I was totally devastated. I knew it was the inevitable, but it still hurt. We bumped into each other about a week ago at a bar & it was awkward. I by pure coincidence got talking to these guys who turned out to be his friends, who he was meeting for drinks! They had never met me. One guy mentioned that he thought my ex was seeing someone new. Later that night, my ex texted me, saying he didn't want us to act awkwardly around each other. He then asked "so how's the new bf" & I said I didn't have one. He seemed "surprised". So I asked him about if he's seeing someone & he wouldn't say yes or no! Why would he do this? Why would he even care if I had a new bf?


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  • You said that he has been manipulative in the past. When he wouldn't answer your question on whether or not he was seeing someone, that is almost him being manipulative again. This guy sounds like my ex. It is just best to move on and forget about him.


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