To the women who have cheated do you ever regret it?

do you ever feel remorse, do you ever apologise, confess, ever care about your boyfriends or husbands feelings, there hearts, and no i have not been cheated on, i just grew up seeing this happen, why do you cheat with male strippers etc, why do you then cry afterwards are you genuine or fake i'm just trying to understand here, are words like in this letter ever true if you say or write them?:

please let me know i am really confused and yes i know men cheat too and i hate them for it, but this is about women and why you do it and no this question is not aimed at women who were unloved by their partners or neglected even though he could have spent more time with you and its not aimed at women who were abused either, and its not aimed at women who were ignored either.

so please can someone help me understand.


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  • I've never cheated I can't say with certainty or experience but I feel like cheaters don't regret cheating. They're just sorry they got caught. If they were capable of feeling remorse or regret then they wouldn't have done it in the first place


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  • Like the others said, most regret being caught and not the cheating they did.


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  • Nine out of ten don't regret cheating, they regret getting caught.

    (This goes for men too, by the way.)


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