Why don't you leave your ex alone?

Why do some of you continue to bother your ex when they have stated they don't want to hear from you? Don't you feel like its harassment to a certain extent? If you respect your exes wishes kudos to you. If you don't, why don't you? Its pretty sad smh.


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  • I dont want to contact my ex, i deleted her from every social media site and got rid of her number, family and her friends that i do care for. Just to make sure if i get drunk i dont do something fucking stupid and i never memorize their numbers haha that way i can't just dial her up.. she's an ex for a reason

    • This is the exact type of treatment I would like because I do the same thing but no...I get to be harassed -____-

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    • My ex has a new gf (he's had one for a while now) and he still finds the littlest reasons to bother me. I just don't see how they don't think its borderline harassment. Thanks for answering.

    • No problem (: honestly just block him with your phone will teach him you no longer want to talk to them

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  • Well I contacted my ex because she broke up with me over the phone and gave me no closure after the day before she wanted to marry me and how amazing I was. I was honestly love struck. She was my first girlfriend I gave everything to her. I was helplessly in love with her and before I could always talk to her about these things. I thought she would care enough to at least tell me why she was leaving me. I only tried twice for closure, and she would say yes then not follow through. So I let it alone. I found out she left me for another dude.. CLOSURE (SORRY REALLY LONG) In conclusion, many times the person may be emotionally distraught and immature as I was. In this case I can see how this would be annoying and harassing. Just keep in mind you played a part in this persons emotions and it is at least nice to let them know why and be somewhat patient. Possible, it could be an ego thing.


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  • They want their ex to still want them. It's an ego boost for them

    • In what sense is it an ego boost? Do you mean like if your ex is bothering you and you respond, its an ego boost that you did respond?

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