Told me she dumped her boyfriend?

I asked a Girl how her weekend was and what she did and she was like "it was fine.. I went to the movies with my friends but wasn't that good, to dinner.. Um thats it.. Oh! And i broke up with my boyfriend."
So do you think she was doing this to tell me "hey im single" or "hey i need someone to talk to"
She mentioned to me she had a bf only once before. We are decent friends to the point where we could talk about anything haha and then she says this without ever bringing up that they were having problems


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  • Depends on what your friendship is with her. Only you can know or guess if she's interested because only you know the history between you two. And it may also depend on what the reason of their breakup is. The best thing for you to do is observe her behavior with you and look for more clues/hints on if she has a thing for you or if she just needs someone to talk to.


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  • i wish i could help more with your question,
    but I don't know
    all girls are different and have different ways of thinking so i couldnt tell you.
    maybe just ask if she's okay and if there's anything you could do to help?

  • She was hurting and wanted to get it off her chest.

    Before you jump to conclusions it doesn't mean she's looking to date you


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  • Just telling you something happened, she may need someone to talk to if she's depressed though.


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