Reasons you want to meet up with your ex?

Why would you message your ex that you dumped asking to talk?
  • Wants to get back together
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  • Because she is the only girl I ever loved but she was too naive at the time to understand, hopefully after being single for three years and endless bad dates she can see the truth now.

    • So you'd do it to get back with her

    • Maybe, but I'd have to see what she was like now.

      Only and idiot would automatically assume nothing had changed after so much time.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Did you talk about everything you had to talk about when you broke up? Because it could be both I mean, maybe he missed something or wanted to say something, not necessarily about going back together. But then again, who knows in what terms did you end it.. or who took the initiative to break up...

    • He dumped me and knew full well I was willing to fight through the issues. We've talked since I still have his stuff including his cat but he wants to talk to me before I go home so it's not to get his stuff

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    • I don't know it's my hope but I just can't think of anything else I'm the one with the questions

    • Better not to have high expectations and keep your cool. I hope everything works out for the best and he can see that you're a person worth another try.

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  • Meeting with ex is very fragile issue. Did you break up friendly. Or was it a bad break up? Why did you break up?
    And what do you feel about him? If he wants another chance , are you willing to give?
    For me I don't prefer to meet ex. There is nothing good comes from it. The important thing what do you think?

    • There's no hate between us. I have no idea why we broke up he was told by a therapist that he had a ton of issues to work through and he dumped me a week later. I have all the questions. I love him and I would give him another chance. We broke up not to long ago

    • I always believe in trying. Good luck!

  • For me because i miss him and want to see if we can really work things out by communicating better


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