My ex and I broke up.. and I feel like he's playing games. Please help!?

Me and my ex are both 20, we went out for 4 months and we work together. He was a really bad boyfriend, he stood me up on Valentine's day, he would ignore me and just generally not be there, so I ended it. We ended up getting back together but it didn't work out, so we split. We work together so we had to maintain a good working relationship, which we did for a while. But in the end I found it too difficult to speak to him because I couldnt get over how bad he had treated me and also he would just generally play with my feelings. Two days after this, he changed his profile picture to a photo of a girl.. I went crazy, I got so upset because even though he said she is just a friend, it upset me because he treated me like rubbish and we had no evidence we were together (He never put our pictures anywhere), and I just felt like it was enough for me now to try and move on, so he called me mental and I told him i never wanted to speak to him again. I then blocked him from everything, phone (IOS 7 Blocking) and Whatsapp. I have been going out with my friends and having a good time and concentrating on my own life, but I have to see him tomorrow and Sunday for work, and I dont know what Im supposed to do? Things are definitely over between us, but thats okay with me. Im happy. I just dont know how to act tomorrow.. Do You think he done these things to try and hurt me? (He never put pictures of his friends or anybody but himself as his profile photo.. so thats why I find it weird) Thanks

Valentines Day

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  • I think it's unlikely that he was deliberately trying to hurt you. It seems more like he just didn't care. If you have to work together, you have to work together, but your relationship sounds really toxic, and if you can avoid him at work or get a new job, that might be better.


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Valentines Day