Ways to get over ex boyfriend?

I am trying to get over my ex boyfriend. We still are in contact and I think for me it's best that way until he realizes I am moving on without actually saying it. But personally I need help with coping.

What are some things I can be doing in the mean
time to get over him? I constantly think about him.


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  • Focus on the issue. Focus on him. Most people look for distractions but if you just embrace the fact that you're upset, there's a problem, and there's no real solution you will be able to process quicker (not "quickly") through the grieving of a loss. Just be upset. There's nothing to cope with because there's nothing you can tangibly do about it.


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  • Go out meet people. There are thousands of choices out there. Fortunately we have ability to forget. You will forget soon.


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  • what you need to do is simply cut off all contact with him because the more you chat with him the more difficult it will be to get over him


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