Do you feel cheaters laugh behind their partners backs?

Do they tell their friends how stupid their partners are? When cheaters cheat more than one person knows about it. That would be their friends or family know what they did. Most people that enable it just don't get in it because it's none of their business. Plus usually the cheater justifies their actions by talking crap about their partner.


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  • They must do. Because they have to justify why you were not 'good enough'. Otherwise their guilt would kill them.

    • DO you think a cheater would feel or even know of such guilt?

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    • I agree with you. They can't possibly make themselves feel bad for what they have done. It's easier to blame someone else than accept that you suck at relationships.

    • Thanks for the 'most helpful' by the way and good luck with the guy.

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  • It is very rare that a person takes joy in deceiving others. It is also not something generally cleaned as a "highlight" so most people who cheat or commit any other not-so-great crime keep it to themselves until they either feel safe and protected or until they die.


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  • I don't think they "laugh", I just think they are delusional people who crossed a line, don't really realized what is right or wrong and they try to find every excuses in the world to explain their actions. If they blame their partner for cheating, they wouldn't have to lie to justify their actions and if there is such a problem, they should talk or break up and move on.


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