I have just realized the man I loved was tricking me. I need someone to talk to urgently?

I was so patient with him and never needy. Even when he disappeared I forgave him. He always said he had family issues.

Last time I brought up the what are we subject because he rarely contacts me. He is on a trip.

He avoided answering and then he gave me the silent treatment for 2 weeks.

I wanted to know for sure he is breaking up. So I texted him 'hi'. No answer though he was online on viber. I know he is punishing me and he is a coward.

-I am all in tears and I am alone. I don t have real friends except 2 and they are away.
- I resent I did not dump him when he broke my heart before once. My friends said dump him and I could not.

-I feel I am worthless because I gave him love and care and he did not give a ***
- I feel worthless because I said hi. He won.
- I am confused and have panic attacks.

What can I do to make myself feel better?


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  • I'm super sorry to hear about your situation and that you are hurting. *hugs*. The great news is that you are not alone and many people have had to face a similar situation and even more have had to go through heartache. SO there's no reason to feel worthless because it's actually normal for these things to happen and to experience unrequited love. You see yourself as worthless. I see a woman who fell in love with a man and who tried her best. There's no reason to feel the way you do. You basically just gave it your all and at least you know that you did everything you can to reach out. You saying "Hi" is not anything like you are making it out to be. It's a simple gesture that showed you wanted to reconcile and he didn't feel the same. No one "won". If anything he lost because you know what kind of amazing love you could have offered to him. So it's HIS loss and HE lost one amazing woman who would have been good for him. He's just too blind to see it or for all you know this is a blessing in disguise. Years down the line you could have realized what a mistake it was to be with him. See this as you dodging a bullet. You don't need to see this as a bad and negative thing. See it as something valuable and embrace the good times you shared but remember his true colors and how much he also made you cry. The real love for you won't make you cry and hurt. There's someone way better out there for you and when you meet him you'll be thankful that it never worked out with this guy in the first place.


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  • realize that you are not at fault except falling for the tricks and games of a user and a manipulator. So often we allow 'love' to blind us from the rational truth. it seems like that is the case here, but you are not the first and far from the last person to go through this.

    Just move on. realize you are WAY better off without this guy and it's better that you can find out about this stuff now than later.

    Just do not contact him, do not email, text, or call him. Do not expect to hear from him and if you do tell him to take a hike

  • one way to do it is to do what i did the last time i had my heart broken. send him a nasty text telling him what you think of him and how you feel about what he did to you. after i did that i was finally able to let her go and move on. and if you need a friend i could be a friend for you. i am in the same boat as you friend wise too

  • First: know that this man was not a good friend, much less a good boyfriend. You deserve better; you know this deep down. You have to. No person deserves what he is putting you through. You are on the right path, Friend. As to make yourself feel better, go outside. Ride a bike or walk. Listen to happy music. Bake a cake. Clean your room. Paint a picture using your feet. Get some friends and go out. Go out alone. Take out every lightbulb in your home and spray paint them. Go to a convenience store and buy a coloring book. Go to a church or read a religious book. Read any book. Destroy a book. Remake a book by coloring all but a few of the words so that the remaining words make a story or poem, and remind yourself that even this book thought his life was a tree who thought he was worthless, but he has now been remade twice into something that people value.


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