I'm so confused.. What's the deal of my ex, please help!?

So about 6 months ago me and my boyfriend were together for 3 -4 months, and then he said he was going to move away, and from there we just had so many insecurities, didn't know what we should do, and then he just had a panic attack and we broke up. Then 3 weeks after he contacts me and asked me how I was, which I thought was really strange, and we talked ever since that day.

Then he invited me to his birthday party in march, and that night we had sex, and we both realized that we have so many feelings for each other.. But he just don't want to be committed which I don't understand, because in his mind, he thinks I will always be here, and I have had a lot, a lot of fights with him latetly because he dosen't know what he wants, to be single or be in a committed relationship, so I broke up with him, And now 2 weeks later he has contacted me again. What am I going to do? Like I just need to know what does he want, because clearly I don't know.


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  • Well he said he doesn't want to be in a committed relationship but he still wants to have sex with you so I think the situation is pretty straight-forward...

  • He wants someone he can have sex with is all that it seems like. Outside of that I would give him a certain amount of time what ever amount that you want to give him to figure things out. If he does not want to be in a committed relationship or gives you now answer by then tell him it will be over. It will be the best for you because it seems like you seem like you are so confused about all of it and if it gets to you too much it could ruin other parts of your life.


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